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Amaiden Energy Nigeria Limited Various Jobs Vacancies in Nigeria

Amaiden Energy Nigeria Limited (formerly Moody International Nigeria Limited) was established in 1996 as a partnership between Moody International Group and Nigerian investors. Since commencing operations in March 1997 the company continues to grow and exerts its presence in numerous Projects in the Nigeria Oil and Gas Industry.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:
Job Title: Contracting Management Advisor
: Nigeria
Job Type: Contracts
Category: Others
Job Nature: Normal (Minimum 8 hours per day)

Main Functions
  • The Contracting Management Advisor is a technical leader who serves as an expert in contract planning, development, and administration, or materials management matters.
  • This individual provides key guidance to Contracts Engineers, Materials Management Engineers, Contracts Engineering Advisors, Materials Management Advisors, Project / Business Managers, and partner representatives (NOCs, CoVs, etc.) during the development of contracting strategies and plans, bid slates and contract awards, as well as during contract administration.
  • The Sr. Contracting Advisor takes functional guidance from the Sr. Contracts Engineering Consultant, and supports this position and the Contracts & Materials Management (C&M) management team in developing and maintaining functional excellence, mentoring project / contracting professionals, and improving systems, processes, and procedures.

Tasks and Responsibilities
  • Contracting and Materials Management Strategy Development
  • Ensure that the C&M organization properly translates project specific objectives and strategies into appropriate Contracting and Materials Management Strategies
  • Provide advice to Project Management on quality issues and support effort to resolve them
  • Ensure that the Contracting Strategy Workshops (CSWs): consider appropriate alternatives and objective criteria for evaluation and selection of lead case and fall-back options, utilize appropriate broad based market intelligence in assessing contractor interests, capabilities and compensation options and consider partner requirements / constraints
  • Support the organization in review and endorsement of proposed contracting strategies Contract Planning
  • Ensure that screening / pre-qualification activities engage an appropriately broad contractor community, with the necessary critical questions / evaluations
  • Support the C&M organization in review and endorsement of proposed bid slate
  • Ensure that complex administration matters such as incentive plans and major claims resolution receive appropriate scrutiny and strategic / critical thinking prior to implementation Skill Development
  • Support the Sr Contracts Engineering Consultant in mentoring and development of SMEs, EPC Specialists, and CE Advisors
  • Support the equipping and education of C&M personnel and others in project contracting
  • Serve as a trainer in contracting sponsored courses (CPDA, Bid Review, ACSM)
  • Support the Sr. Contracts Engineering Consultant and C&M management in assessing organizational competencies and skill development plans External Engagement
  • Ensure that bid review plans incorporate best practices and apply the most weight to critical success / failure criteria
  • Support the C&M organization in review and endorsement of proposed contract award recommendation Contract Administration
  • Support planning and engagement of contractor executive management as necessary in furthering strategic relationships, development of emerging contractors, and resolution of critical issues
  • Engage as necessary with partners to educate on Company contracting processes, MI, and strategy development
  • Engage with Company Affiliate contracting professionals to share learnings and further develop the contracting community of practice and the Global Project Management JF Organization, Systems, Processes, Procedures
  • Support / champion the continuous improvement and incorporation of company’s learned
  • Support the Sr. Contracts Engineering Consultant and C&M management in assessing that the C&M organization and its systems, processes, procedures are delivering the intended business results

Job Requirements
  • 15+ years’ experience in contracts engineering / administration / materials management required, 20+ years preferred
  • 7+ years’ experience in project leadership required
  • BS in Engineering preferred
  • Broad understanding of project execution and contracting principles, theories, and concepts
  • Expert in commercial negotiations, contractor management and contract administration
  • Willing to business travel or relocate to project sites (domestic / overseas)
  • Management experience on major project
  • Owner/Operator experience in project management roles
  • Knowledge of Company controls requirements (e.g., DOAG, Business Standards)

Job Title: Mechanical Technician
Job Type: Contracts
Category: Engineering

Job Description
  • Technicians are assigned to carry out maintenance work. This can either be an XOM employee or a Contractor resource.

  • Actively participate in the use of all on the job safety tools
  • Review job packs
  • Identify any safety issues associated with job end ensure removal/mitigation prior to working
  • Execute work as planned
  • Record technical history as required by work group. (GRT, data sheet, etc.)
  • Provide feedback on job pack improvements to Execution FLS
  • Request permits and notify Supervisor if permit cannot be issued within 30 minutes of requested time

Job Requirement
  • Minimum of 3 years Minimum Requirement
  • OND/City and Guild in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Skills: Experience in oil and gas facilities maintenance.

Job Title: Materials Management Advisor
Job Type: Contracts
Category: Others
Job Nature: Normal (Minimum 8 hours per day)

Job Description
Main Functions:
  • The Materials Management Engineer (MME) supports or leads the implementation of project materials purchasing and management.
  • This may include maintaining responsibility and/or oversight for planning materials management strategies, purchasing, expediting, inspection, logistics, customs, as well as overseeing field materials management (transport, receipt, storage, maintenance, allocation, issuing, and scrap/surplus disposal) when assigned to a fabrication yard or construction site.
Tasks and Responsibilities
  • Prepares Initial Materials Management Strategy, including procurement strategy for assigned project portfolio
  • Identifies materials management (MM) issues or concerns and develops project specific MM processes, strategies, and philosophies aligned to project’s objectives
  • Works with the MM Manager, Contracts Engineer (CE) and Business Manager to develop a Functional Engagement Plan for the project(s)
  • Leads or supports Long Lead Equipment (LLE) strategy development, identification, bid, negotiation and purchase order (PO) execution
  • Supports CE in development of all MM portions of ITT document and ensures MM strategies and plans are reflected in tender documents
  • Leads or supports development of the project specific MM RACI
  • Participates in internal kick-off meeting(s) with Company personnel to ensure awareness of project specific MM requirements in the contract and reviews project specific MM requirements of CP
  • Collaborates with Construction Logistics group, MM Sr. Advisor and MM Manager on project MM and Logistics vulnerabilities, issues, and opportunities
  • Develops MM deliverables (MM Strategy / Plan, Purchasing Strategy / Plan, and initial LLE list) incorporating project goals as well as any local content considerations and client alignment (JOA/PSA) objectives
  • Supports development of EPP and PP document development with project team for MM and Purchasing sections
  • Leads or supports implementation planning and initiation of project specific MM processes and practices for purchasing, expediting, inspection, logistics, and importation activities
  • Develops and implements Surplus Disposition Plan for any Company owned surplus/scrap, engaging Investment Recovery group as necessary
  • Ensures proper execution of Preservation Plan
  • Ensures timely handover of special tools, capital, and 2 year operating spares and any equipment first fill requirements
  • Reviews, endorses and oversees implementation of MM plans, procedures and processes
  • Reviews purchase orders and/or purchase order template to ensure proper flow down of prime contract T&Cs
  • Monitors interfaces associated with execution of all areas of MM activities in compliance with all project requirements
  • Communicates to PT and leadership on MM activities, progress and issues including timely schedule and cost status and impacts
  • Advocates capital efficiency in implementation and execution of MM activities applying established best practices as appropriate
  • Leads or supports transition of MM activities from engineering office to construction location
  • Ensures execution of Field Materials Management in accordance with the Project Plans (Materials Management Plan, and Logistics Plan)
  • Oversees movement of materials from delivery to marshalling yard / Site Storage / Site Laydown
  • Ensures appropriate receipt, storage, preservation, inventory control, allocation, preservation, issuance, and surplus/scrap disposal processes
  • Oversees coordination of supplier Technical Service Representatives during installation and commissioning
  • Coordinates and oversees heavy modules transportation planning and execution, consulting with Construction Logistics personnel as necessary
  • Assists in development of close out plans and reporting

Job Requirements
  • 5+ years’ experience in Materials Management preferred
  • BS in Engineering, Construction Management, Business or Supply Chain Management preferred
  • Broad understanding of project execution and materials management principles, theories, and concepts
  • Willing to business travel or relocate to project sites (domestic / overseas)
  • Owner/Operator experience in project management roles preferred
  • This is a job level 1 position: 1 to 10 years of related experience is required.

Job Title: Discipline Inspector
Job Type: Contracts
Job Nature: Offshore Rotation (National) (7 days on/7 days off, 14 days on/14 days off, 28 days on/28 days off)

Main Functions
  • Perform discipline quality inspection activities in accordance with the Inspection and Test Plan
  • Keep Quality supervision updated with status of quality issues
  • Monitor production processes and perform surveillance activities
  • Review and evaluate Contractor’s and Suppliers’ quality documents for accuracy and adequacy
  • Support Mechanical Completion process

Tasks and Responsibilities
  • Provide expertise to site team to avoid/resolve quality problems
  • Attend and contribute to kick-off, pre-inspection and alignment meetings as necessary
  • Confirm readiness to work, including evaluating the status of key documents
  • Monitor Contractor’s and Suppliers’ quality assurance and quality control activities
  • Perform assessments of the Contractor’s and Suppliers’ quality processes and procedures
  • Perform inspections and verifications during construction and/or fabrication activities in accordance with requirements of the Inspection and Test Plans
  • Witness Contractor’s activities and endorse Contractor’s and Suppliers’ quality records, as appropriate
  • Witness acceptance tests and perform final quality check prior to acceptance of equipment and materials, as appropriate
  • Steward non-conformance within scope of responsibility
  • Provide early warning of potential quality problems

Job Requirements
  • Experience executing project construction or quality assurance/control of engineering, procurement, or construction activities.
  • Technical training or high school diploma.
  • Technical discipline certifications commensurate with work experience.
  • Willing and able to business travel (domestic/overseas) to project sites to provide various levels of support
  • This is a job level 1 position: 1 to 10 years of related experience is required

Job Title: Materials Engineer
: Nigeria
Job Type: Contracts
Category: Engineering
Job Nature: Normal (Minimum 8 hours per day)

Main Functions
  • Evaluate and comment on discipline engineering work performed both internally and by Contractors and sub-contractors to ensure that work is being executed in accordance with project specifications, company standards, and regulatory requirements.
  • Facilitates effective execution of discipline engineering and design routines that align with the project’s goals, objectives, and procedures.
  • Assures accurate and timely communication among the Project Team and other company Functions on discipline engineering activities, progress, and issues.
  • In addition to technical ability, they should demonstrate sound communication, facilitation, and interpersonal skills.

Tasks and Responsibilities
  • Facilitate and coordinate discipline engineering technical work products
  • Coordination and communication of various issues among the company’s and contractor’s engineering team that affect the discipline engineering design, safety, and regulatory compliance of the work
  • Evaluate / comment work performed by the Contractor and sub-contractors to insure that the work is being executed in accordance with project specifications, company standards, and regulatory requirements. Includes review of discipline design drawings and documents
  • Identify and assess deviations to Contract Technical Specifications and regulatory requirements; ensure that such deviations will be processed according to project procedures; maintains Deviation Control Log.
  • Steward discipline engineering queries from the Contractor and sub-contractors as well as technical information requests
  • Keep Lead Engineer or Engineering Manager informed of discipline engineering progress, deviations, and execution concerns
  • Participate in discipline engineering reviews at Contractor’s and subcontractor’s locations
  • Drives and promotes capital efficiency in engineering design
  • Support internal engineering general interest or Global Practice initiatives as requested by Supervisor.

Job Requirements
  • Closely related professional experience
  • Bachelors degree in Engineering within discipline or equivalent professional experience
  • Broad and extensive knowledge of discipline design standards, specifications, codes, and appropriate safety criteria
  • Ability to adapt to tight deadlines, heavy workloads, and frequent changes in priorities
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office suite of software programs
  • Read, write, and speak fluent English, especially as it applies to technical and business communications
  • This is a job level 1 position: 1 to 10 years of related experience is require.

Job Fitle: Maintenance Systems Specialist
Job Type: Contracts
Job Nature: Normal (Minimum 8 hours per day)

Main FuncTions
  • Maintenance Systems Specialist should have a good understanding of safety, health, and environmental requirements (SHE), able to perform all materials functions to ensure that equipment and spare parts comply with the defined standards and Regulatory requirements and meet planned maintenance needs.
  • This Specialist will often work in a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) such as SAP or IPES. This Specialist may have the responsibility to execute contract administration processes and coordinate interfaces post contract award.
  • Typical Job Positions may include: Materials Specialist, IPES Specialist, GEMS Specialist, STRIPES Specialist, Contract Administration Specialist.

Tasks and Responsibilities
  • Contribute to the achievement of operations having a sustained reliability that complies with all applicable laws and regulations and eliminate potential safety, health and environmental incidents.
  • Maintain communications and interface with appropriate Operation, Maintenance and Logistics organizations
  • Adhere to the relevant company OIMS / CIMS Systems and procedures and contribute to their review and improvement.
  • Support Field Maintenance Unit personnel, and provide guidance regarding Procurement processes. Maintain central contract files.
  • Act as a liaison between Field Unit and Procurement to ensure contracts and contractors are available to provide goods and services
  • Work closely with Procurement for contract renewal, contract award, contract resolutions and contract follow-up action items.
  • Help to develop contract work scope, based on provided information from Operations Function owners, Maintenance personnel. technical pre-qualifications and assessments for new contracts.
  • In particular have in-depth knowledge of Computerized Maintenance Mgt. System, proficient at entering and extracting data in support of site maintenance needs.
  • Order materials and replacement parts. Document transactions and maintain inventory files. Process invoices and coordinate payments.

Job Requirements
  • Behavioral Skills: analytical capability, applied learning, collaboration, effective communication, sound decision-making
  • Functional Skills: SSHE management – operations and maintenance, maintenance planning, maintenance scheduling, maintenance management

How to Apply
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Application Deadline: 14th August, 2017.

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